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June 21st, 2015    

Dads Getting Grounded - DHO Podcast - Episode 053: The One on One

Happy Father's Dad, to all our dads.  Buckle up as you listen to more T-Ball stories (that may soon end for one) along with trophies, warts, teeth falling out, an "adult" vacation, dinner with The Mommy Gamers, family portraits, broken controllers, and a tale of fondue.  It's a whirlwind of topics that Damian was finally able to grace us with his presence only half-way through, and the dads give their verdict on E3.  Get ready for Mad Max in a Jurassic World.

3:49 Introductions & Dad Time
26:28  Dad Topic: Your favorite memory or experience as a dad
31:48 ESRBeware - Batman: Arkham Knight
37:06 Aftrthought's afterthought starts
43:00 Playtime
57:56 E3 rundown
1:18:09 Movie Talk
1:29:14 Site Info

June 7th, 2015    

Dads Getting Grounded - DHO Podcast - Episode 052: The One With Hot Tub Time Debris

DGG is officially a toddler with two years of shows in the books!  Guest Dad Christian stops by to discuss the challenges of living with your older kids, encouraging kids in sports, toddler tantrums, dog food, giving the finger (tip), and bottomless teenage stomachs. Other hobby topics include (spoiler-free) Witcher 3 revelations, No Mans Sky, Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Mad Max hype, Don Jon, and predictions for the upcoming E3. Spoon!

Introduction: 5:28
Dad Stuff:   12:01
ESRBeware: 58:28
Game Time   62:38
E3 Talk        66:38
Movie Talk   96:26
Site Info       114:41