Dads Getting Grounded - DHO Podcast - Episode 103: The One With Squat Thrusts

Warm up your pitching arm! The crew talks about baby shower rules. OBEY or else the CrossFitters will make you drink the kool-aid and drop dem weights! Damian discovers that the library is pretty cool!!! Who knew? The XBOX is back, baby!!!! Game talk sees Damian getting down with some lasers in a galaxy set to disco (actual game name...unknown)! Some Smite talk happens with Dan. Christian has a bit of RAGE and Jeremy tells us how to get off of that Killing Floor. Most of the crew sounds off on Officer Downe ( movie evar). Damian watches more movies than all of us and spoils himself. Christian discovers and loves Rick & Morty. Jeremy loves Disney and has his editing work cut out for him in this ep. Go on...give it a listen.

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