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December 18th, 2016    

Dads Getting Grounded - DHO Podcast - Episode 092: The One With Missle Toe

If you're sick of trying to find new places to hide that stupid elf, then take break with this new episode of the podcast. Kick back with some eggnog and hear about liking a surgeon, depressing thoughts, two in the pink, early Christmas, and vaping, Bro! Then the dads unwrap a box of Garden Warfare 2, Stories: The Path of Destinies, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Disney Infnity, Final Fantasy XV, Rogue One, Suicide Squad, Spectral, and the best of Black Mirror. No need to check your list, this one is nice and naughty!


December 4th, 2016    

Dads Getting Grounded - DHO Podcast - Episode 091: The One On Drugs

Whoa man, like this episode of the Dads Hideout podcast is like, far out man! These dudes are all about their Black Friday aftermath, gaining holiday weight, lots of surgeries, wacky grass, and happy pills. Then they chill out with some more Battlefield 1, Doom, Watchdogs 2, Paladins, Gears of War 4, Final Fantasy XV, Contact, Gods of Egypt, The Finest Hours, and Black Mirror. No need to wait until 4:20, you can listen now, man!