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October 23rd, 2016    

Dads Getting Grounded - DHO Podcast - Episode 088: The One With Vittles

Gather ‘round the table ya’ll, it’s time to get your fill of the podcast! We’re gonna wet your appetite with some talk of family pictures, kid tunes, sick moms and confused kids.  Next up is the main course with a heapin’ helpin’ of Gears of War 4, Smash Bros, Raiden V, Actual Sunlight, South Park  Don’t Breathe, Westworld, and Foosball. Don’t forget to save room for dessert with a sweet treat of mangled meat.


October 9th, 2016    

Dads Getting Grounded - DHO Podcast - Episode 087: The One With Brown Noise

This episode of the podcast clings to the belief that even the lowest form of humor, still counts as humor.  Drop your kids off at the pool and join us in talk of breaking toilets, passing out on gas, crappy coaching, and getting in the runs. The number two part of the show includes making room for more, Gears dropping, dumping on Madden, wiping up Fallout 4, flushing the Shallows and a warm Bronx cheer for Luke Cage (yes, he’s from Harlem but we ran out of poop references).Don’t forget to wash your hands after this one!