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July 31st, 2016    

Dads Getting Grounded - DHO Podcast - Episode 082: The One with Slimer

Watch out! There's a slasher with us this time! Derek(@detroitslasher) joins the dads and brings it 6 feet under with some death talk. Hold the elevator as the dads talk about terrifying kids, failing driver’s ed, and poop (of course). Gaming talk includes Pokemon Go (much to Jeremy’s delight), Castlevania, Final Fantasy, and more! Movies! TV shows! And Slimer’s origin story! Oh Lordy! Dan may have edited this one correctly. If he didn't...the terrorists win!

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July 17th, 2016    

Dads Getting Grounded - DHO Podcast - Episode 081: The One with Chet

In this episode the dads talk about manly stuff like cars n landscapin'! But it doesn't matter because the kids can't don't hear them. Damian has some diet tips for Dan and everyone else! Full on rage in ESRBeware. Game talk includes Saint's Row IV, Final Fantasy, Red Dead Redemption, Castlevania: Mirror of Fate, God of War 3, Gone Home 'not spoilers' and a new hat for Jeremy! Oh yeah, a Tardblaster tale seems to creep up a little early this time.
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July 3rd, 2016    

Dads Getting Grounded - DHO Podcast - Episode 080: The One with a Story

The dads are blessed with the presence of a Lobster Man to take them through the mud! Father's Day talk and kids being gone get em all hot 'n bothered. Topics include tee-ball snackery all the way to bad weather for one dad. Little Deviants, Tear*way, Dark**ders II, Resident E**l 6, and Crimzon Clover can be heard in the dialog. Damian has a long list of shows too long to write here. Enjoy!