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August 31st, 2014    

Dads Getting Grounded - DHO Podcast - Episode 032: The One With Rage Quit

Fold your arms, hold your breath, and stomp your feet, it's time to not listen to these dads and their "rules."  Guest Dad Paul (HuddledTerror) comes on the show to help tackle the topic of dealing with tantrums, anime pet peeves, an ESRBeware that will leave you without honor, and believe it or not, questions from listeners.  Put your kids in a timeout and give it a listen!


August 17th, 2014    

Dads Getting Grounded - DHO Podcast - Episode 031: The One With Two in the Pink

The laughs aren't the only thing contagious in this germ-filled episode of the podcast for Dads Hideout.  This time around, the dads talk about dealing with sick kids, adjusting to school schedules, and a special rite of passage for boys.  Things wrap up with an ESRBeware filled with confusing cleavage, console purchases, and Game Night prospects.  Four out of five Patient Zero's agree, this show is pretty sick.


August 3rd, 2014    

Dads Getting Grounded - DHO Podcast - Episode 030: The One With Just the Two of Us

Come one, come all!  Step right up and test your ear might with the latest episode of Dads Getting Grounded, the podcast of  Witness these mysteries of fatherhood as they share their thoughts on spending some QT with the kids, sing the pre-Kindergarten blues, and stream all over the Internet with reckelss abandon.  The best part, it won't even cost you a shiny nickel!