Dads Getting Grounded - DHO podcast - Episode 1: The One that Started It

The first podcast with the dads of  Come join Ruiner, Teknophyl, MagmaFlow, and Aftrthought051 to hear all things about being a dad.  Dads First, Everything Else Second.

The Walking Dead    15:30 - 24:00
They also mentioned the game's fourth wall-breaking end to the fifth level "Mojo's Crunch." After Mojo is defeated, the game instructs the player to "reset the computer". However, there are no switches for doing so. Resetting the computer is meant to be literal, in that the player has to lightly press the reset button on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis console before the time ran out. Holding down the reset button too long would simply reset the system to the title screen.[1] This also makes the game impossible to complete when playing on the Sega Nomad or Mega Jet without using a level select cheat, as the portable Sega Mega Drive/Genesis has no reset button.
Angry Joe's interview with Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson)

Music intro and outro is The Desert Red

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